111 Threads came to be when I had too much down time in college and an obsession with the thrift store down the street. I discovered up-cycling and how to “thrift flip” and mixed it in with my passion for designing, drawing, and painting!

About 111Threads:

All of the pieces are made by one artist, me Acadia Herbst. 90% of what I create  is made from thrifted materials in order to align with my beliefs in being as sustainably as possible. Items range from hand painted items (washing machine safe) to upcycled fashion.

Some clothing items (mostly women's) are sewn from scratch, either by hand or with a sewing machine. And to create my pieces from scratch I work from my own patterns that I created or I free handedly cut the fabric. (Lots of trial and error lol) Most of my material including fabric, threads, zippers, buttons, ect. come from the thrift stores for the more heavy duty items I purchase locally or from Joann Fabrics. 

The paint I use is Jacquard’s Fabric Paint which is permanent & washing machine safe once heat set by an iron.

About the artist:

My name is Acadia Herbst and yes, I'm named after the national park in Maine. I'm currently enrolled in my junior year at Plymouth State in New Hampshire with a recent major change from Environmental Policy to Interdisciplinary Studies with focus in environmental studies, entrepreneurial business, and art. I'm currently 20 years old and have been involved in the arts for almost all of my life. Both of my grandmothers were artists so it was only fate that I became one too, they always raised me to see the beauty and art in everything around me. Keeping up the family's artsy vibes, I've created this business that is my only job and passion.

Artists accomplishments: 

Designer and painter (with the help of friends) of mural in San Jose, Costa Rica located at Pura Roca rock climbing gym

Plymouth State Universities Fall of 2020 Student Art Collective President 

Over 300 sales combined online and at events

Vendor at over 5 events across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & New Hampshire


Many people ask what 111 means to me. 111 symbolizes manifestation and the fruition of all your hard work. Manifestation is a practice and belief that your thoughts create your reality, and whatever you chose to be, can be. In order to manifest you must set clear intentions to the universe, take inspired actions, and have faith. And it’s as simple as that. For me art and the hustle has always been a dream of mine and I'm determined to manifest it all throughout my life. By bringing 111Threads into existence I was  able to create the life I knew I wanted and was destined for.

111 has an extremely powerful spiritual meaning to me and it could for you too if you chose to. The universe communicates with those everyday who chose to look and decode it through synchronicity. Synchronicity can be shown in a million ways, synchronicity is basically the idea of the saying “what a coincidence” but when you believe the power of the universe you also believe that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. It's like when you think of someone and they call you a minute later, that's synchronicity! My favorite sync. Is  through repeating numbers hence 111. These signs encourage you to open yourself to receiving messages from above and to rely upon your inner wisdom and intuition to guide you. When you see a repeating number you should stop and think about what you were just thinking about or pay attention to your surroundings. Each number has a meaning and it could apply to something that just happened or you just thought about. For example 111 is a number that appears when you are speaking your truth and are stepping into your true calling and higher purpose. So  when I began learning about synchronicity 111 always stood out to me the most this was also around the time that i was starting to accept that art was going to be a big part of my life and more than just a hobby. I knew when I saw this number it meant that the time was now. So I got up and started my business instead of sitting back and dreaming about it all day.

111 is very special to me and synchronicity is a very special part of my life. In no way am i asking you to believe in what i'm telling you but i encourage you to do your own  research and gather your own opinion. However, I do encourage you to open your heart and open your mind, because you never know what you could be missing out on. A year ago today I was just another girl sitting in my room. Now I'm a girl sitting in my work space filling my pockets with my passion and this could be you too.